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Mr. Boehnert’s extensive real estate and environmental law experience in private and public sector representation provides clients with many tangible benefits, including:

  • Knowledge of what environmental regulators and land use officials will likely accept to issue permits
  • Familiarity with unwritten policies and procedures
  • Understanding the most time-efficient way to obtain permits and regulatory approvals
  • Structuring complex real estate transactions in the most cost-effective and legally-protected manner
  • Providing access to a proprietary referral network of the State’s most experienced and most effective non-legal professions
  • Close personal working relationships with many State and municipal regulators

Results obtained for clients because of these benefits have included:

  • Structuring the first major air rights development project in Rhode Island
  • Winning a judgment from the Rhode Island Supreme Court, without a lower court trial and within 13 months of filing of a complaint, which cleared title to millions of dollars of property located on filled tidal land, and which established a mechanism to clear title to hundreds of millions of dollars of coastal properties
  • Structuring the construction and long term lease of the first parking garage at Rhode Island’s T.F. Green International State Airport
  • Structuring the acquisition and development of a land only leasehold condominium in a mixed use urban development for the construction of a 325,000-square foot office building
  • Obtaining agreement from the Department of Environmental Management that a “responsible party”, which has demonstrated environmental responsibility for a contaminated site, may benefit from the protections of a Brownfields Settlement Agreement, at a time when the Department had never extended such protection to a responsible party
  • Negotiating a legislative resolution with the Department of Environmental Management and the General Assembly’s Joint Committee on Energy and the Environment to preserve for Rhode Island similar benefits provided by the Federal Superfund” petroleum exclusion”
  • Structuring and negotiating the sale of a large environmentally-impacted waterfront parcel for sale, remediation and development
  • Negotiating and securing an easement from a municipality for the encroachment of certain structures on municipal property
  • Resolving coastal environmental violations on a waterfront property in a manner which allowed sale and development of the property
  • Recovering costs of removal and remediation of an underground tank from the former property owner which abandoned the tank
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