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The Law Offices of John Boehnert Ltd is pleased to make these White Papers available to interested readers, including lawyers, real estate and mortgage professionals and others interested in real estate acquisitions, investment or development. Please feel free to share this material with others, with proper attribution consistent with copyrighted material.

Omnibus Checklist: Environmental and Real Estate Issues in an Acquisition Transaction

Every purchaser, business and real estate professional responsible for acquiring real estate wants “THE Checklist”, a concise list that explains precisely what they must do to conduct a thorough due diligence inquiry and avoid problems when purchasing real estate. Though an all-encompassing checklist does not exist, a proper due diligence action plan can be designed and tailored for each real estate transaction.

This report shows how to cost-effectively develop a real estate due diligence checklist, including guidance on how to structure, organize and conduct the due diligence inquiry. The report includes a detailed Omnibus List of due diligence items, covering both real estate issues and environmental issues, to focus the inquiry.

To make the Omnibus list useful to a wide range of readers in diverse geographic areas, it is structured to address issues, rather than specific statutes. However, for the benefit of readers, the author has provided an appendix identifying federal environmental statutes that may impact real estate transactions, and for Rhode Island practitioners, an appendix identifying Rhode Island environmental and land use statutes that may impact real estate transactions.

Also included is an appendix setting forth a comprehensive omnibus due diligence checklist in a transaction format, so it may be used as a working checklist in an acquisition transaction. Given the extensive due diligence tips throughout this report, this White Paper will prepare readers to conduct more comprehensive and cost-effective real estate due diligence inquiries.

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Environmental Due Diligence in Rhode Island: Avoiding Hidden Pitfalls and Costly Mistakes When Buying Real Estate

The consequences of missing a significant environmental problem when buying real estate can range from costly to catastrophic. This special report focuses on the Rhode Island market and shows how to organize a due diligence inquiry, how to recognize the jurisdiction of various regulators (which is often obscure to the uninitiated), and how to avoid common problems in the due diligence inquiry.

The report contains extensive due diligence tips, many of general applicability and many others geared to the intricacies of the Rhode Island regulatory environment. This report will benefit current property owners, real estate professionals already familiar with Rhode Island, as well as out-of-state professionals doing business in the Rhode Island real estate market.

Readers will be better equipped to conduct more thorough, cost-effective environmental due diligence inquiries in Rhode Island and will become more attuned to the nuances of the Rhode Island regulatory environment. The author is aware of no other report that provides specific due diligence tips geared to a wide range of real estate acquisitions in Rhode Island, whether waterfront property, environmentally impaired property, or residential, commercial or industrial property.

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John Boehnert is certified as a mediator and arbitrator, and also provides consulting services for lawyers on sophisticated real estate or environmental projects.

*The Rhode Island Supreme Court licenses all lawyers in the general practice of law. The Court does not license or certify any lawyer as an expert or specialist in any field of practice.

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